Monday, March 24, 2008

Who and what can you trust?

Politicians are masters at hiding the truth.
Physicians, alas, are too often wrong.
Many clerics are not as wise as many secularists.
Friends and family may or may not be counted on.
Corporations too often maximize profit at the expense of the larger society.
Nonprofits and government are too often ineffectual.

What do I trust?
I find myself trusting mainly in inanimate things:
-- a touching movie
-- my zinnias
-- a hike
-- Glenn Gould's 1981 recording of Variation 32 of the Goldberg Variations.
-- watching a great play such as Brighton Beach Memoirs at a community theatre .
-- reading or writing unpopular truths. The latter is my primary purpose in writing this blog.

1 comment:

Grace said...

I'm reading your older posts.

I like this post. In the end, we trust our own experiences, and any ideas that come our way are interpreted through these filters. Those ideas that resonate with our experiences and preferences are allowed to stay.

Sometimes life's greatest lessons come from unlikely places.


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