Thursday, June 12, 2008

Education is No Magic Pill--Part 2

This report comports with what I saw when I was teacher and when I supervised student teachers. And education is supposed to be the magic pill that will close the achievement gap?


Anonymous said...

There is no universal solution, to anything. Nothing works for all, and what works now will not work forever. Nobody will admit this, but when we can, maybe then education will improve.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend in Southern Alabama who had a very similar experience in teaching math to high school students. They were "honor" students, but behaved so horribly and cared so little about learning that she went home in tears most days.

I have another friend in Northeastern Texas who teaches 4th-grade LD students. She works 12-16 hours a day preparing, teaching, trying to communicate with parents, grading, and doing the endless amounts of paperwork. She doesn't have much time to spend with her own kids, but she makes enough money to pay for their private school.

My daughter taught reading to 4th graders in a school in DC as a work study program. Out of the 80 kids she worked with, one wanted to read books. This child could not let her classmates know it, because they would beat her up for trying to be "white" because she enjoyed reading. My daughter used to pass her books on the sly. Another of her students walked up to her one day and said, "I hate you." When my daughter asked why, the child said, "because you're white and I hate white people."


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