Saturday, August 9, 2008

Five Recession-Resistant Careers

This article lists five recession-resistant careers. Thanks to social-network marketing guru Adam Metz for emailing it to me.


Grace said...

To enter these careers, a person needs post-secondary education. Just a few of the exceptions where a university education is not overrated. These careers have a future.

Dave said...

Fortunately, you don't need an expensive 4-year degree to be a nurse or a police officer. Community colleges offer affordable 2-year degrees. The Nevada State University system charges $51 per credit.

Serge said...

Somebody with a liberal arts bachelors, can become an auditor by getting his AA in accounting (my community college gave me credit for my bachelors degree, so I can complete my AA in accounting in 4 rather than usual 7 quarters), and then study intensely for the CPA examinations, which with conjunction with AA accounting classes, bachelors degree & one year of experience in certain accounting fields, should make you a CPA and let you become an auditor (at least that’s the requirement in the Washington state.

A master in accountancy would certainly be nice, but I have my qualms about getting it in easy-to-get-in institutions like Phoenix University, whose reputation among employers is tainted and I whose curriculum rigor & faculty competency I question.


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