Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Vivid Example of Liberal Intolerance

I have long written that while the Left claims to celebrate diversity, in fact, it is much less tolerant of ideological diversity than is the Right, except for the Extreme Right's skinhead types and the like. 

Jeffrie Givens emailed me this remarkable example.  A girl wore a "McCain Girl" tee shirt to her school, which prides itself on its liberality and tolerance. Alas, most students called her stupid. One even said she deserved to be crucified. 

The next day, she came to school in an Obama Girl tee shirt, and except for a couple of students who called her a flip-flopper, she was praised for being a smart girl--she had suddenly grown a brain.

Dear reader, if you claim to celebrate diversity, don't be a hypocrite. Really listen to perspectives other than your own and judge them on their merits not on apriori biases.


Tim said...

The reverse would not be true if the Republican party had managed to be the ones to excite the young crowd this time around? I do see the point though. I have often found the "diversity" celebrated in the Bay Area to be more about the desire of traditionally shunned subcultures to express frustration with the status quo than about an openness to diversity in a broader sense. Newcomers to San Francisco often tout its "diversity" as a reason for moving there, yet Orlando, FL is far more culturally diverse, and that is hardly spoken about. And the idea that smart equals liberal definitely stands out.

Heartlander said...

I agree with Tim regarding diversity in the Bay Area. The same is true here in DC. As for the t-shirt, again that depends on geography. If my nephews and niece had worn an Obama shirt in my home state of Nebraska, I would have sent them to school with a bodyguard!

bigDANNY said...

Great article! Thank you!


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