Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Favorite New Ways to Do Well by Doing Good

I have more worthy projects that I'd like to take on than I have time to, so I am giving them away to you here, dear reader. 

I hope that because they're free, you won't think they're worthless. I've given a lot of time to thinking of ideas that are viable and will do maximum good for the world. 

I am willing to offer a bit of free consultation time to anyone who wants to pursue one of these ideas. Just email me at and we'll schedule the time for a by-phone or in-person consult.

The ideas:
  • Like, but for matching high-ability kids with mentors.
  • A book called America's Most Overrated Product: Higher Education. It would consist of statistics but more important, stories of people for whom higher education was not worth the direct and opportunity costs.
  • A lawsuit on behalf of high-ability elementary school students, the kids with the greatest potential to solve society's problems. Today's public schools are controlled by anti-bright-student pressures, for example No Child Left Behind, which, in many schools, has resulted in almost all money and effort being diverted from high-ability to low-achieving students. The result is that bright kids are being denied their right to a basic education--education cannot occur unless students are learning what they don't already know. Their miseducation also violates equal protection statutes: they are receiving a far less appropriate education than are their average or below-average achieving peers. 
  • Writer for the National Organization for Men, of which I am co-president. (My co-president is the eminent men's advocate, Dr. Warren Farrell.)  We need an excellent writer willing to regularly write compelling op-eds.

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