Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ben Casnocha Interviews Marty Nemko

Ben Casnocha just interviewed me.TDTV #4: Ben Casnocha and Marty Nemko.

My affect was too flat and the hat looks stupid but I hope you'll find the content of value. The topics I talked about:
  • advice for worklife success in a lousy economy
  • the wisdom of championing unpopular causes that you believe in
  • why the future really is China
  • romance is overrated
  • the frightening acceleration of media bias
  • the case against work/life balance
  • that life's goal should be productivity and contentment, not happiness
The interview runs 35 minutes.


Dave said...

Great interview, Dr. Nemko. I enjoyed it.

Romance -- From the Bible to Plato to Shakespeare and Chaucer (both divine and profane literature), and from Franz Liszt's Liebestraum to The Classics (both classical and modern day popular song form)... We have sought answers in music and in literature for thousands of years. The end result is usually heartache.

And so I ask this question: If man is not meant to be alone, then who is meant to be with him?

Marty Nemko said...

I think some people are meant to be alone--especially those with great desire to be productive.

Marty Nemko said...

A commenter wrote "How does your wife feel about my prioritizing productivity over happiness." I rejected his comment prematurely. Sorry.

My answer: She wishes I was more fun-loving but she respects me a lot and accepts me for who I am as I do her.

Dave said...

But your wife is a lot like you, isn't she? She's very intelligent, holds a doctorate. She is also in charge of a large school system. Like you, she's an elitist and a workaholic - kindred spirits who hold the same philosophy on life. You're no different from a devout Roman Catholic couple who share a common faith-based existence. You two are a part of something much larger than yourselves. Well, that's my perception. Am I right? Also, your professional interests do overlap, which helps. Life has meaning and you each understand your purpose and mission. So, I don't see much room for conflict there.

Skeptic said...

I am the rejected blogger. (She) Glad to hear that all is well with Barbara. Your radio broadcasts indicate that you have a great marriage.

Marty Nemko said...

Dave, we were more different when we met. Over our 36 years together, we've each moved, unconsciously, toward being like the other.

Dave said...

That's interesting. Maybe that is the reason why your marriage has lasted so long.


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