Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Where Are the Green Jobs?

One of the best ways to find the right carer for you is simply to scan a list of them. Broad general lists can be found in the government's Occupational Outlook Handbook and my book Cool Careers for Dummies.

But if you'd like to join the environmental wave (or fad, depending on your perspective,) here's the most comprehensive list I've seen of green careers. It's from the free download of Jim Cassio's Green Careers Resource Guide.

Advertising Services (Green)
Green sectors include:
• Sustainable/Organic Farms
• Sustainable/Organic Nurseries/Greenhouses
• Sustainable Aquaculture Farms/Fish Hatcheries
Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Green sectors include:
• Advanced Technology Vehicle (ATV) Manufacturers (hybrid and fuel cell
• Alternative Fuel Vehicle Manufacturers (vehicles designed to run on biodiesel,
electricity, ethanol, hydrogen, natural gas and propane)
• Alternative Fuel Producers/Distributors/Retailers
• Alternative Fuel Vehicle Repair/Modification Services (technicians, first–responders)
• Alternative Fuel Vehicle Sales/Service
• Battery Manufacturers & Suppliers (for Alternative Fuel Vehicles)
Green sectors include:
• Bicycle Courier & Cargo Services
• Bicycle Manufacturers
• Bicycle Sales & Service
Biotech/Life Sciences
Green sectors include:
• Blue Biotechnology (marine and aquatic applications)
• Green Biotechnology (agricultural applications)
• Red Biotechnology (medical applications)
• White Biotechnology (industrial applications)
• Bioeconomy (investments and economic output)
Clean Tech
While “Clean Tech” is often used to describe a select group of industries, it is actually a
reference to the clean technologies and eco-friendly business practices used in various
industries in order to dramatically reduce the use of natural resources as well as the output
of emissions and wastes.
10 Green Careers Resource Guide
Cleaning & Janitorial Services (Green Cleaning)
Clothing & Accessories (Organic/Natural/Recycled Material)
Green sectors include:
• Design
• Manufacturing
• Wholesale
• Retail
Engineering Services
Green sectors include:
• Chemical
• Civil
• Construction Management Services
• Energy
• Environmental
• Land Planning
• Manufacturing/Production
• Surveying
• Transportation
Environmental Services
Green sectors include:
• Carbon Trading & Offsets
• Emissions Control Services
• Energy Auditing Services
• Environmental Consulting Services
• Environmental Health & Safety Services
• Environmental Monitoring/Compliance Services
• Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Services
• Environmental Engineering Services – see Engineering Services
Food Processing/Manufacturing (Natural/Organic Food Products)
Food Services (Natural/Organic Foods Eating Places)
Geography & GIS Services (Green)
Where are the Green Jobs? What industries? 11
Government Agencies
Green sectors include:
• Federal – e.g. Army Corps of Engineers; Bureau of Land Management (BLM);
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); Department of Energy;
Environmental Protection Agency; Fish and Wildlife Service; Forest Service;
Geological Survey (USGS); National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
(NOAA); National Park Service; Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
• State – e.g. Agriculture and Food Safety; Coastal Zone Management; Community and
Economic Development; Emergency Services; Energy; Fisheries and Wildlife
Protection; Parks and Recreation; Planning; Pollution Control and Prevention;
Public Health; Water Resources
• Local (cities, towns, counties, special districts) – e.g. Air Quality Management;
Conservation/Park Land Management; Electricity; Green Building; Green Business;
Public Transportation; Recycling; Regional Planning; Waste Management; Water
and Wastewater Treatment
Green Building, Sustainable Design & Energy Efficiency
Green sectors include:
• Architectural Services
• Building Maintenance, Repair and Weatherization Services (including Handyman
• Building Materials (Manufacturers, Suppliers and Retailers of Sustainable Building
• Building Performance Contractors
• Electrical Contractors
• Energy Efficiency Companies
• ESCO (Energy Service Companies)
• Furniture/Cabinet Makers (using environmentally certified/recycled wood)
• General Contractors
• HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Contractors
• Interior Design Services
• LEED/Green Building Planning/Consulting Services
• Lighting Systems Design and Installation Services
• Plumbing Contractors
• Roofing Contractors
• Salvage & Deconstruction Services
• Solar Energy Systems Contractors
• Water/Wastewater Services (private conservation, treatment and collection)
• Other Specialty Contractors (stone, cement)
Investment Services (Sustainable/Socially Responsible Investing – aka SRI)
12 Green Careers Resource Guide
Journalism & Publishing (Green/Sustainable)
Landscaping & Habitat Restoration Services
Green sectors include:
• Arborist/Tree Services (certified)
• Gardening/Landscape Maintenance Services
• Habitat Restoration Services
• Landscape Architectural Services
• Landscape Contractors
Legal Services (Environmental and Land Use Law)
Natural Sciences Consulting Services
Specialties include:
• Atmospheric and Space Scientists
• Biochemists, Biophysicists, and Toxicologists
• Chemists and Forensic Toxicologists
• Environmental Scientists
• Epidemiologists
• Foresters and Forest Pathologists
• Geoscientists, Environmental Geologists, Hydrogeologists, and Marine Geologists
• Hydrologists and Water Resources Managers
• Microbiologists and Environmental Health Microbiologists
• Physicists and Health Physicists
• Soil and Plant Scientists
• Soil and Water Conservationists
• Zoologists, Wildlife Biologists, and Marine Biologists
Nonprofit Organizations (Green/Environmental)
Pesticide Services (Natural/Organic)
Printing (Green/Sustainable)
Public Relations Services (Green)
Recycling (Green)
Green sectors include:
• Electronics (cell phones, computers)
• Glass
• Metal
• Paper
• Plastics
• Textiles
Where are the Green Jobs? What industries? 13
Sad Fact: While recycling is one of the basic fundamentals of being green, many recycling
companies are not green due to inefficient processes and GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions.
Renewable Energy
Green sectors include:
• Biomass
• Solar Energy Systems Manufacturing
• Solar Energy Systems Sales, Installation and Service
• Solar Power Plants (Utility Scale)
• Wind Turbines Manufacturing
• Wind Turbines Sales, Installation and Service
• Wind Farms (Utility Scale)
• Also small hydro/marine power and geothermal power
Utilities (Committed to Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency)
Green sectors include:
• Electric Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution
• Natural Gas Distribution
• Water Treatment
Other – Misc. Retail (Green/Sustainable/Organic Products)
• Crafts/Artwork Made by Third–World Artisans
• Gardening Supplies
• Recycled, Reclaimed and Earth–Friendly Products
• Outdoor Apparel/Equipment
• Scooters


Frustrated Fed said...

I would not apply to any of the federal agencies listed because they are terribly dysfunctional.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off-topic: I just saw a comic strip about the cost of "going green":


All those job opportunities would dry up if the rest of the world saw "going green" like that.

Maureen Nelson said...

There's also the Green Jobs Guidebook:


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