Thursday, December 24, 2009

"The Sexiest Man Alive:" A play about a couple with mismatched sex drives

I've just completed writing a play, The Sexiest Man Alive, which explores a couple's attempt to deal with mismatched sex drives and other compatibilities.

Your feedback is welcome. Read it by clicking HERE. Or if you prefer to read a fully formatted version, email me and I'll send it to you as a Microsoft Word attachment. My email address is

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ST said...

I thought it was entertaining. I would go see it. What's the story/motivation behind writing this play?

I liked the links to the products/props (there's none for her tattoo, though :) ). I liked the marriage quiz integrated into the story. It allowed a lot of topics to be discussed.

I liked the comments about the Toyota versus Mercedes. I guess when you have a Mercedes, you're showing you're able to shell out the money for a lot of maintenance and repairs, too. According to "Millionaire Mind" author Thomas J. Stanley, Toyota is the most popular car among millionaires.

Nice job. I don't normally read screen plays on a Saturday night for entertainment, but it was a good change of pace. Thanks.


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