Monday, January 25, 2010

Job and Business Opportunities in Rebuilding Haiti

The Chinese symbol for crisis is the same as for opportunity.

If I were looking for a job or to start a business related to rebuilding Haiti, I'd do one or more of these:
  • I'd try to get a job at of the companies that will get large rebuilding contracts. To find them, every day I'd Google (both its web and the news tabs) terms like "Haiti, rebuilding, contracts." I'd also look at the job listings at the websites of companies that got large rebuilding contracts after Hurricane Katrina. For example, CH2M Hill got $100 million just to remove damaged cars. Fluor and Shaw received huge contracts to build temporary housing. Ashbritt got a contract for debris removal. SCI provided funeral services. Evergreen International Aviation got a contract for surveillance helicopters and drones to detect violence and airdrop food supplies. Even if one of those companies was not listing a job opening, I'd try to get a job created for me. For example, I just read that Haiti has a huge shortage of tents. I'd spend an hour googling terms like "temporary housing, tents, disaster" to learn what I can quickly. I'd also do some quick Google learning about issues in providing relief to Haiti. I'd then leave voice mail for vice presidents who could create a job for me in supervising tent distribution to Haiti.
  • I'd think one link away. For example, of course, companies such as Bechtel will get contracts to help rebuild Haiti's infrastructure and so there will be hiring of Americans to do that. But more under-the-radar opportunities are a link away. For example, corporations will be hired to do the clean-up but they'll need lots of trucks. I'd buy up as many trucks from Haitians as I could, giving them more than they could otherwise get. And then I'd subcontract my fleet of trucks to those contractors. Another example: Many Americans will have to move their families down to Haiti to do the multi-year rebuilding, and they'll want English-speaking, U.S.-caliber schools and tutors for their children. Perhaps you might want to meet that need. Another example of finding work one link away: Everyone knows that Haiti will be rebuilding its infrastructure but might they also take that opportunity to create WiFi throughout Port Au Prince? Armed with my knowledge of the way such enterprises would be successfully implemented in Haiti (again using Google and a few phone calls to experts I found on Google), I'd contact the major builders of WiFi systems and try to get a job created for me.
  • I just did a search on on terms like "Haiti USAID," "Haiti aid" and "Haiti rebuilding." I could not find one job listing. Nevertheless, I believe that's only because government is always slow to respond, especially in creating jobs. Rebuilding Haiti will be a multiyear process, so I'd keep searching
  • If I were looking to start a business, I'd get myself to Haiti or at least visit Miami's Little Haiti (hanging out in coffee houses, attend community meetings, etc) to hear where the unmet needs are. I'm guessing they will be basics such as a jitney service, bicycle rental, roof repair, health care supplies, day spas, etc. (Just kidding--mostly--about the day spas.) I'd partner with a local and set up shop quickly.


Anonymous said...

great article. nice read and informative.
R. Edmond

marion said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

Anonymous said...

i am a hard working american who is currently unemployed and not so innernet literate so in layman terms who do i contact and how do i get in touch with that can put me to work soon re-building a country in need (Haiti) sincerely j.b. powell virginia

Anonymous said...

Go to

for job offers in haiti.

Laurence@ business opportunities said...

I believe so, that what happen in Haiti produces opportunities. However, I also think that free of charge services are already. Well, if they are ready to stand on their own then I would think that place could be a great source of job and business opportunity.

That sounds well. However, internet is still the easiest way find one.


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