Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Public School Teacher Speaks at UCLA about Illegal Immigration

Little mentioned in the debate about illegal immigration are the many Mexicans and Mexican immigrants to the U.S. who are violently anti-American and believe the 40 million Latinos have the right to immigrate to the United States, legally or not.

That is not merely the view of marginalized people. Here is a five-minute video of a Los Angeles Unified School District teacher, Ron Gochez, speaking at a rally for The National Council of La Raza (America's largest Hispanic Advocacy Organization) at UCLA, where Mr. Gochez received his teacher training and master's degree.

Gochez points to an army of professionals who hold similar views. The first minute is relatively innocuous. The rest isn't and I believe is worth your taking the five minutes to watch.

Would you want Mr. Gochez teaching your child? How do you feel about your tax dollars going to paying his salary so he can teach classful after classful?


Anonymous said...

OK, I'm sure this fellow is standing outdoors on the UCLA campus, he doesn't look like he was invited indoors - this looks like someone ranting at a larger rally.

I can only assume that you would be pretty ticked off people started posting material from the Jewish Defense Organization pointing to these as indicative of trends. It would probably be equally or more frustrating if US based opponents of Israel started using the ultra-orthodox arguments against Israel as justification for withdrawing all US support.

Likewise, there is a fringe in the Mexican-American community; it stands in contrast to (for example) the unanimous "oh, how stupid" response I've heard from Mexican friends to that idiot Contra Costa school district who told kids to change their clothing on May 5, because they were wearing American flags.

(my favorite comment on Cinco de Mayo: "A holiday for winning a battle against the French? That's setting the holiday bar pretty low, isn't it?")

Marty Nemko said...

As was said in the blog post, he is not some fringe person: He is an employee of, indeed a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District, giving a speech at a rally--yes, an outdoor rally, so what?--of La Raza, which as the link indicates, is one of, if not the largest Latino advocacy organizations in America. The event was authorized by UCLA to occur on the UCLA campus, one of America's largest and most prestigious public universities. I believe that, in the debate on illegal immigration, that speech presents a worthy and underexamined data point. One of the purposes of my blog is to examine the important and underexamined and that is why I posted it.

Dave said...

Many immigrant groups (pre 1954 Ellis Island) had trouble assimilating, but all succeeded in time. This is why America has always prided itself on its successes in the areas of immigration and social cohesion. In the case of the Latinos, however, America is facing what is perhaps the biggest social/demographic challenge in the nation's history. The challenge? - How to respond to a group that does not wish to assimilate; or worse -- one that seeks to redefine the cultural and political landscape of this country.

These are interesting times.

Anonymous said...

Dissecting MACHETE:

Jones can sometimes a bit over the top, but sometimes a source for accessing credible information (e.g., acquisition of Machete script herein). I also prefer some of his mainstream low profile guests on the economy (Celente, Schiff, Chapman, etc.)


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