Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Case that We're Headed for Economic Collapse

The scariest case I've yet read for why we're headed for economic collapse.

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ST said...

And this, from the "Economic Collapse" blog (versus the "Economic Recovery" blog :) ). It uses (a lot of) the fear factor, exaggerations, anecdotal evidence/quotes and media opinion surveys for their "proof".

An example of a link I clicked on, "hardly anything" in the FDIC fund? Well, there's 3 trillion in it (clicking link). Maybe it doesn't cover 7 trillion, but hardly anything?

I'm not saying it's roses out there, and yes, some people are in dire straights and maybe things aren't being done that should have been done.

But the collapse in 2008 felt like we were all rolling down a steep hill. Times are not great now, but are they ever really ever that great (except maybe in the 1950's from the popular prose). So, it doesn't feel too bad right now, unless there's an explosion ready to happen that none of us are aware of.


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