Thursday, December 22, 2011

Career Advice: What I said to a panel of student interviewers

A group of broadcast journalism students did a series of six six-minute interviews with me. Most of the questions were on how to be a career success in these tough times. Here are those interviews.

Note: The first minute is pre-interview fooling around. And the following minute or so has a few audio squeaks--they are student engineers. But the other 33 minutes are okay.


ST said...

The first couple minutes were loud enough (even with squeaks), but after that, I couldn't hardly hear it, even turning it way up.

I copied the URL and went directly to the Vimeo site, but same problem.

Marty Nemko said...

Perhaps it's your computer? On my computer, it's too loud in the beginning but fine after the first couple of minutes.

Email Delivery Software said...

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Ruby Claire said...

I used youtube instead of vimeo, it took time for me to search, but i got the result anyhow.

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