Monday, January 23, 2012

You're Invited to What I Believe Will be A Great Experience--and it's free!

Update, Jan. 28, 2012: The seats are all gone. Sorry.

I believe the free show I'm about to invite you to will be more entertaining and inspiring than are many shows for which people pay $50 to $100.

A while back, a 40-minute version of the show got a standing ovation. The two-hour version I'm inviting you to should be much better still.

It's a one-woman show called Big, Black, and Shy. Jeffrie Givens tells her improbable story punctuated by songs from opera to show tunes to rap, from "In My Own Little Corner" to "Mean Green Mother from Out of Space" to "I Am What I Am." Funny, poignant, and inspiring, I believe you'll truly enjoy it. Of course, I'm biased, I created the show with Jeffrie, am directing it, and will be accompanying her on the piano.

The show will be at my home in Oakland, CA on Sunday Feb. 26 at 2 pm. My living room seats only 22 and, especially because it's free, if you want to come, email me as soon as possible:

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