Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Latest Column: The Economy is Biased Against Men

Here is my just-published column: Why the Economy is Biased Against Men.

Update: I'm delighted to report that in its first two days, the column received over 2,000 Facebook "Recommends."


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they published that article

Marty Nemko said...

While my editor, Derek Thompson, I believe holds traditional liberal views on many issues including gender, at least in his interactions with me, he has seemed open to differing viewpoints if well presented. I'm pleased to be working with him.

euquant said...

Amusing article.

I read it thinking,
"This sounds awfully like that Marty Nemko..."

Had to laugh even more when I saw it was you after all. Too bad the crisis of young men in the modern west is too sad to be funny.

How has "Take Our Daughters (and Sons) to Work Day" next week been really incorporating the boys now?

In the part of the world where I am at the moment there seem to be the same problems of young men finding their way in the modern service economy. I just recently saw an announcing that "Girls Day" has now for a couple years been augmented with a "Boys Day" - ostensibly to help boys learn "more about service occupations in the sectors of education, social affairs, health-care or other occupations where men are underrepresented."

They even made a nice English language presentation of the program.

Boys Day in Germany

I think you'll get a kick out of it, especially the bits about "What kinds of activities are offered to the boys?" I don't know quite what to think about it. You're the career counselor, and I've always respected your philosophy of encouraging people to explore unconventional paths to their personal fulfillment. From that view I think working as a florist would be a really nice job, pleasant, safe and clean working conditions, low stress and nice hours, not to mention that flowers are pretty and smell nice. But who (by that I mean women and potential wives...) would take a fellow seriously that earns so little at such a low status job?

It seems that the questions about relations and roles for the sexes
remain unresolved throughout the western world.

I'm still convinced that Scott Adams was onto something with his observation about "square pegs and round holes." If it was totally baseless, there would have been no controversy and everybody would have ignored him.


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