Monday, June 3, 2013

Should My Wife and I Replace Our Sofa?

Here is another rare deviation from the no-nonsense tenor of this blog.

In an attempt to make me seem too unmaterialistic, my wife, on the radio, made fun of me for not wanting to replace our sofa. She suggested I take a picture of the sofa and she take a picture of the best evidence for replacing it and see if the readers of the blog have an opinion.  Those photos are below.

First, here are some facts to help guide your decision:
  • The stained area is roughly two square inches. 
  • We have tried to remove that stain and it can't be removed.
  • Per the picture of the sofa, no one notices the stain unless they're on their hands and knees. 
  • There are a few other "not-quite stains," barely visible and not visible in this photo. 
  • We can afford to buy another sofa. My objection only is that the current sofa is as attractive as any we'd buy, is very comfortable, the perfect size, and it and looks fine. Per the picture, I believe a reasonable person would not consider the sofa anywhere near stained enough to justify spending the time and money to try to find a new one that looks at least as good, is the right size and style.
You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

Closeup of stain in lower right corner of the other picture
So what do you think? Should I hold my ground or give in? I'm really quite sure I'll end up giving in. Such is the way that such matters typically end.


Anonymous said...

If you do replace your sofa, don't buy a light color!

Anonymous said...

This isn't about principles. It's about your relationship. Buy a new sofa. Give her a break.

Marty Nemko said...

It is about principles but some principles aren't worth fighting about. As I wrote in the last line of the post, I don't think this is one. She'll get her sofa.

Anonymous said...

Happy Wife Happy Life

Rex said...

That sofa looks perfectly fine to me...I wouldn't replace it. Maybe there's a way to remove the stain with some oxyclean or smth?

Marty Nemko said...

Thanks, Rex. We've tried a couple cleaners but maybe a pro could do a better job.

Anonymous said...

The stains seem really minor. It's not like they're on the cushions where people sit. As long as the sofa is clean I would definitely not get rid of it.

When furniture is too new no one wants to sit on it and it's not comfortable.

BTW, in case it matters this is a female giving her opinion.

Michelle Garzone said...

b/c carpet is white, the contrast b/w clean carpet & stained sofa is more visible. i'd replace. from artist fan's perspective...

Mayray said...

Get a new one and add a sense of aesthetics to your choice. She also needs to contribute her own opinions.

University of Nigeria

BigBearJoni said...

You live in the Bay area there are many Pro's who can and will clean those spots for way less trouble and monies than getting a similar replacement.... IF that would make your wife happy... If not then bow to the pressure in keeping a fine tuned relationship... From a professional cleaner and UCB alumnus like U

Marty Nemko said...

Yes, we're going to try that, BigBearJoni. Thanks.


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