Friday, July 26, 2013

Converting Part-Time, Temp, Internship, or Contract Work into a Full-Time Job

My AOL article today: How to Convert a Part-Time Job into a Full-Time One.  The content is also relevant to people in internships and in contract work who'd like a full-time, more permanent position.

Also today, I discussed, live, in an "Lunchtime Live" video how America might best address the fact that an ever larger percentage of jobs are part-time, temp, etc.

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Cornhusker said...

Great conversation! Marty,you are a skilled debater. The panel appeared shell shocked. LOL! I like your idea about using logic and empirical information when making a decision. This process should be taught in schools! We live in an Oprah world. My co-worker recently resigned as a writer-editor for a federal agency. She is 52 and has only "soft skills." She informed me that she would make her next career move using intuition with the help of her psychotherapist! (She has been seeing this therapist for six years.)


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