Saturday, September 28, 2013

Come See Jeffrie Givens and Me in Her One-Woman Show: Big, Black, and Shy

Jeffrie Givens with my doggie, Einstein, who has a role in the show
I'm pleased to announce the seventh performance of the one-woman show I have produced, directed, co-wrote, and piano-accompany: Big, Black and Shy. 

It will be at 2 PM on Sunday, Nov. 17 at my home at 5936 Chabolyn Terrace, Oakland, CA. The first six performances all sold out and all received a standing ovation. And since then, we've changed and improved the show significantly.

Me accompanying Jeffrie in Big, Black & Shy
Big, Black, and Shy is the inspiring story of, and told by, Jeffrie Givens, one of the shyest people ever to come out of East Oakland who additionally struggled because her values were different from the typical kids' in her community.

She tells her story in words and in songs---mainly some of Broadway show's greatest (and most challenging) songs--and truly, she's gone from being a performer who was as stiff as a cadaver to, well, you'll see.

The Rossmoor News review of the show:

 "Wow, what a terrific voice and what an inspiring story. Givens is an extremely talented young woman! After the show, I found myself comparing this experience in some degree to what I felt when I first witnessed Susan Boyle perform on 'Britain's Got Talent.'”

We believe the show is enjoyed best in an intimate setting so we are doing it in the living room of my home, which can seat only 22 people. Starting at 1:30, champagne will be served while I play the piano. The show will begin at 2:00 and end at around 3:30.

As I mentioned, each of the previous six performances sold out, so if you'd like to come, I suggest you buy your tickets now. They are $20 (all goes to Jeffrie) and you can buy them by emailing me your MasterCard or Visa number, expiration date, the zip code on the card's billing address and, of course, the number of tickets you want. My email address is No one has ever emailed me their credit card information and had that information stolen but if you're concerned, you can call it into my office: 510-655-2777.  Also feel free to call if you have any questions about the show.  (Update: only eight seats remain as of this writing.)

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