Monday, January 6, 2014

My Career and Workplace Predictions and Trends for 2014 and Beyond: Part II

Today, published Part II of my career and workplace predictions for 2014 and beyond. HERE is the link.


ST said...

That's interesting about the workspace privacy, because we were hearing that they're going to lower our cubes from shoulder height while standing, to shoulder height while sitting.

This link kind of supports that under the collaboration heading:

<a href="></a>

The thing that might make that tolerable, is if they move toward something like private pods scattered throughout the campus, where programmers and data analysts can hide away for a few hours and concentrate.

Also, telecommuting makes it tolerable, because even though there's emails, phones and instant messages, at least no one is stopping by your cube to "ask a quick question" or to chat. (People tend to do a lot less chatting "online" than in person ... at least comparing the same people to each other.

I've always liked the validated simulations idea.

Maria Lopez said...

I don't think simplism is the right word is computerization continues. Also, one guys simplicity might be another guys complication. For example a case full of Batman stuff might actually be simpler and less expensive than an elaborate garden and playing a video game at home might be simpler than taking a hiking trip. Maybe in the future the only urbanites with contact with nature will be the wealthy ones and the poor will make do with the relatively cheap toys the computer revolution has provided us with,


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