Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I'll Trade You One Trendy Restaurant for One Good Donut Shop

I just wrote a Yelp review of the Dream Fluff Donut Shop in Berkeley and thought you might enjoy seeing it. It ended up being an indictment of trendy restaurants.

In a world of overpriced food that's novel but tastes worse than old standbys, Dream Fluff Donuts stands tall. What in the world could taste better than a classic cinnamon roll or lemon jelly donut. Or if those are too sweet, a croissant whether sweet with jam and/or butter or just by itself, or savory--hot ham and cheese?

While one could argue whether Dream Fluff's donuts and croissants are the Bay Area's best, no honest person could assert that all of the above aren't damn good at Dream Fluff.

Continuing the integrity theme, rather than try to seduce customers with fancy surrounds, Dream Fluff's decor remains staunchly ugly, letting the food speak.

And in the final bow to integrity, the prices are what they should be for donuts, coffee, breakfasts, everything. Why? Because, I'm guessing The Restaurant Consultants have not gotten their customer-unfriendly mitts on Dream Fluff, filling the owners not with donuts but big dollar signs.

May Dream Fluff stand proud forever.

And now, let me get off my soapbox and get a cinnamon twist and coffee.

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