Thursday, May 15, 2014

How I Became A Writer: An improbable story embedding both writing tips and life lessons

Today, a client said he was worried he couldn't become a good enough writer even to write reports as a data analyst. I decided to tell him the improbable story of how I became a writer. 

After, he said it not only taught him lessons on writing but on life.  So I decided to write up that story as my article today. HERE is the link.

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lisa lindsey said...

A few months ago, I started up a conversation with a man in his seventies on a bike as I picked up litter in a park. I was picking up the litter by hand & he offered me a long tool to grasp litter that he happened to find on the street just prior to meeting me. I thanked him & told him how lucky I felt. He told me that it wasn't luck, that I brought that tool to myself by being open, committed & generous with my time. Since that meeting, I've looked at similar circumstances in a different light. Maybe we do bring solutions to us. I know I've met people who had the ability to help me in my pursuits in very unusual places. Is it fate, is it luck or do we somehow have the ability to be a magnet for things or people that will help us through life?


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