Monday, June 16, 2014

Leave the Nest?: Deciding Whether to Leave Your Parents' Place

Many young people wonder whether to live with their parents or get their own place. 

My article today asks questions to help a person decide. HERE is the link.

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Anonymous said...

Some more questtions to help you decide:

Your relationships with your parents/siblings: Would you describe them as cordial, civil, distant, estranged, strained or even hostile? Would moving out make your relationships better or worse, or would it make no difference?

Time: How long do you plan on staying at home? Do you plan to move out once you finish school, find a job/different job, meet someone, get engaged/married, save $XXX amount of money, pay off yout student loans, decide you want to leave town/your state/the country? Do you see your self leaving in the next year, or 5-10 years from now?

Your short-term and long-term goals: Are you trying to get back on your feet after a job loss/divorce/bankruptcy/illness/death in the family? Are you saving up for a down payment on a house/car? Are you working on a degree, certification or career training? Are you looking for the right job/career/living space/life partner?

Your parents' physical and emotional health: Are your folks in decent health? Do they need some assistance in some areas? If so, how much? Would you be doing any caretaking duties? How much longer would they reasonably be expected be healthy/alive?

Your physical and emotional health: Are you dealing with a physical or emotional health issue now? Would moving out make it easier or harder to manage it, or would it make no difference?

Your contributions: What would you contribute? Would you pay rent? Would you do chores, and if so, what would those be? Would you contribute to any househould expenses, and if so, what would those be?


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