Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The De-Paying of America: What to do about the accelerating conversion of paid jobs into unpaid ones.

Guess this person’s salary: He is Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the prestigious University of California, San Francisco. His salary is $0.

In recent years, I’ve observed an acceleration of jobs that have been converted from paid to unpaid or pittance-paid: jobs to internships, jobs to volunteer work, full-time well-paying secure jobs to temporary, unbenefitted contract work. 

My article explores this a bit but, alas, doesn't propose solutions--because I can't think of any that seem realistic. Anyone care to suggest something? 

Perhaps it's better to post it on the site than here---it gets more readers. HERE is the link.

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theHREngineer said...

Part of the problem is so many people take jobs for the need to survive. Its the wrong fit that spurs lawsuits and other challenges. An partial solution is the approach presented by the founder of


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