Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I'm seeking "workaholics" to be profiled in my next book

I'm planning to write a book called "Workaholic!": 30 hard workers tell their story. Its purpose will be to encourage people to respect them rather than pathologize them as workaholics, like alcoholics, addicts. 

If you know someone who, as a way of life, chooses to work 60+ hours a week, I'd welcome their posting their contact information as a comment on this blog post. 


Anonymous said...

Not a good idea to ask potential contributors to post their contact info in your comments section, Marty. I can almost guarantee that the spam trolls will now be watching your comments closely to see how many e-mail addresses they'll be able to gather from your site now.

Will try to send you my contact info to your e-mail address. (It should be the Reply To address that goes out with every one of your post e-mails, right?

Marty Nemko said...

That is correct. The one.


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