Monday, December 28, 2015

"I Don't Want to Bring My Baby into This World:" What's ahead in 2016 and beyond

The frivolity of a Christmas party gave way to quite a discussion about the future. I describe it in my article today.

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Mark S. Long said...

There are what, 9 different forms of birth control for women, and only one for me, and it is funny how they know this ahead of time. Yet, who gets the blame? Baseball is an unfair guy at bat against nine on the field. Thing about that comparison. Why do men always get the bad end of a pregnancy. You knew, ladies, that you had all those preventative measures ahead of time. But you watched some reality show and decided that you can go have a kid against whatever the guy said beforehand, and then hire a lawyer and go for the gold. Is it any wonder guys don't want to get married anymore? And why they go see prostitutes? Come on, use your brains. I have heard all my life that "women are smarter than men". Do you really think that guys cannot figure out what your plans are ahead of time?


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