Monday, March 7, 2016

Why You and Your Kids Should Get Involved in Theatre

I've come to believe that being involved in a school, college, or community theatre production is among the more rewarding experiences one can have. 

I make the case in my article today.   

By the way, that photo is of me playing the villain in a melodrama. 

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Anonymous said...

I've heard many people talk up community theater. I did it myself for 10 years until I completely burned out on it.

Maybe it's different in California, but here on the East Coast I found people to be more interested in acting than socializing. I remember night after night of pointless small talk and people hurrying to their cars after rehearsal and scattering to the winds after the show closed. I gave up many potential social opportunities to spend weeks at a time with people who'd barely speak to me offstage.

I still enjoy watching theater, but I found no community in "community theater." I don't want to volunteer for anything anymore.


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