Sunday, August 7, 2016

"I Want to Work in the Non-Profit Sector?"

A caller to my radio program had only for-profit experience and wants to move into the nonprofit sector. Worse, she's been out of the paid workforce for years. 

As my contribution today, I post the edited transcript of our exchange.


Office drone said...

Marty, what advice might you have for smart young people who are good at "organization and detail-orientedness" but don't have many other skills? For example, would a project management certification be a good step?

Marty Nemko said...

It depends. You mention the key word "smart." What trumps all of those specific skills is a word that today has become "charged":" intelligence: that is, abstract reasoning, quick learning, nuanced communication, ability to think well on your feet, etc. If you're intelligent, you can rise to great heights with only soft skills. If your intelligence is mediocre, you need technical expertise, e.g., project management certification is an example.

Office drone said...

Can you say more about rising to great heights with soft skills? Do you mean moving into a management role?

Marty Nemko said...

It could be self-employment, or rising to leadership in the corporate, non-profit or government sectors.

Maria Lopez said...

Everybody I know who is intelligent and made, as opposed to inherited a lot of money, has been an engineer or a doctor. Many people who I read about who have national influence are lawyers.

I am not sure of the usefulness of lesser credentials, however.


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