Thursday, September 29, 2016

I Have House Mice...Maybe Rats

I have a mouse problem, maybe a rat problem. In my house. A problem that I can't seem to make go away. I tell the tale in my article today.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for being off topic but I have a question for you.

(Or maybe this is on topic because my situation has me feeling like a mouse or maybe my boss is a rat.)

My boss is talking about changing my role at work. The new role would be way over my head and I think I would fail spectacularly.

I don't know if my boss is doing this because he is just clueless (has unrealistic expectations regarding my abilities) or because he wants to see me fail so he can get rid of me.

Any suggestions for handling this situation would be much appreciated. Maybe this could be a topic for a blog post as I think this is probably not an uncommon situation.

Marty Nemko said...

Ask why s/he feels you can and should do it. If it's unconvincing, calmly explain that you feel it would be unethical to take it.


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