Thursday, March 9, 2017

Strong and Kind Negotiation: An interview with Seth Freeman

As my article today, I interview Seth Freeman, an expert on negotiation.


Eleanor said...

Re that university offering you $400 for your talk: that shows much more respect than higher pay. It shows that they are categorizing you as a professor or professor equivalent who is being given an honorarium for a talk rather than as a paid employee, however high priced, who is being given (bribed with) money for doing a mere job.

Thank you for your show from a long time fan, Eleanor

Marty Nemko said...

Nice thought. I can't help but think for a major event like this, it only seems fair that, given my background I be paid fairly. Per hour, including prep time, I could make more money flipping burgers. And this is very high-level pressured work. University courses all advocate paying workers fairly. Instead, they're giving me less than minimum wage for such demanding work. It's hypocritical and offends my sense of justice.


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