Friday, April 21, 2017

My Favorite Tweets on Education

We spend billions to improve education yet we're legalizing pot, which now is proven to damage brains. (Don't trust the activists, which are heavily funded by Big Tobacco. See the  new National Academy of Sciences metaevaluation.)

In the name of rigor, courses focus too much on the hard and arcane, with too little weighing of whether that’s the best use of student time.

Most people would rather be entertained than educated. So sugar-coat.

How-to books that claim “It worked for me, it can work for you” aren’t helpful because typical readers aren’t as smart and driven as are book authors.

You’ll likely learn more of enduring value from an hour of wise googling than from any course. 

Banks are forced to modify, that is, take a loss on mortgages but colleges, which don't disclose risks, wring every penny even from its many unemployable grads.

College tuition up 1,200% since 1978, That’s four  times the inflation rate. There’s little learning—36% grow not at all in critical thinking.  44% don't graduate even if given six years, and 1/2 are un-underemployed. Crazy.

I read these aloud on YouTube.

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