Thursday, July 27, 2017

Senior Self-Employment

Voluntarily or not, many people 50+ are thrust into retirement but feel they still have job juice and so turn to self-employment.

My article today offers seven simple, low-risk businesses well-suited to older people.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouraging post.

I am thinking of making a career change and was wondering if you could recommend any digital marketing courses for someone just starting out in the field where the students actually attempt to sell something on-line as part of the class, actual practice instead of just theory, so to speak. I have found hundreds of courses but none offer this or if they do they are part of a larger program with many prerequisite theoretical classes and the actual sales part is quite limited. I have emailed this question to authors of articles that reviewed digital marketing courses but have received no response.

If you know of no courses could you suggest how I might find some?

Thank you.

Marty Nemko said...

Get a tutor. Perhaps ask someone who teaches a local community college course on digital marketing if they'd tutor you.


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