Monday, October 16, 2017

My Next Book is Coming: Careers for Dummies

I couldn't be more excited. 

I've just signed the contract to write the flagship book in the for Dummies career series. It's Careers for Dummies.

Aimed at people starting out, it's designed to offer fresh, best ideas for choosing a career, getting well-trained, and landing a good job or becoming successful self-employed. Importantly, it also offers solid advice on how to succeed, even become beloved. 

Careers for Dummies' major elements:
  • The Careers Catalog: a vastly improved version of what was the most popular part of my previous for Dummies book, Cool Careers for Dummies.  It contains punchy but authoritative introductions to 343 popular and viable under-the-radar careers and self-employment ideas.
  • The DIY Under-the-Radar Career Finder
  • The DIY Under-the-Radar Business Idea Finder
  • The Who Am I, Really? checklist, an easy yet potent way to understand yourself and where you fit in the world. 
  • Landing a good job, step-by-step. The world has changed. This will offer fresh advice on what works now.
  • The Un-MBA: Why one- and few-person businesses should usually do the opposite of what's taught in business school. This will offer a collection of specific business ideas plus step-by-step advice on succeeding.
  • The Career Changer:  This will help in choosing your next career, including a collection of rewarding yet easier-to-transition-to options. Plus, it will help you choose your best-fit from among four approaches to changing careers. 
  • You U: Getting well trained for a career without a time-consuming, expensive degree. Plus, convincing an employer you're worthy of getting hired.
  • The Trends: Eleven major trends you should understand to thrive in our changing work world.
  •  What Matters to You? Questions to unearth your life's foundational principles.
I was so enthusiastic about writing this, my tenth book, that back in July, when the publisher and I agreed on basic terms but hadn't ironed out the details, I started working on it. So it will be done in time for publication this spring!

I may or may not achieve it but my goal is no less than to make this the breakthrough career guide. We'll see. 


Nill Poul said...

Thanks for writing a book on such an important topic. It will be really helpful for freshers. I am going to share this with my community of students.

Marty Nemko said...

Thank you. I'm doing my best to make it truly useful.


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