Sunday, December 17, 2017

Making Mentoring Matter

Too many bright, motivated people don’t live up to their potential. Sometimes, a mental health professional may be required, but other times, just a caring mentor may do, for example, if the person could use better social skills, advising on school, coaching on time management, or simply feels lonely, different from most people.

We typically think of mentoring as older guiding younger but even seniors can benefit from mentoring. But the example I’ll use in my article today on mentoring is a widely under-served group: children with excellent reasoning ability who attend a school with primarily lower-middle-class children. In such schools, programs for high-potential children often have been eviscerated yet the parents are often insufficiently wealthy or knowledgeable to help their kids live up to their potential. Thus, mentoring such students may yield particular benefit.

HERE is the link to the article.

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