Monday, April 2, 2018

Sermonette on the Mound: Some of the Sermon on the Mount's advice for living warrants scrutiny

The Sermon on the Mount, is, according to New Testament scholar, Luke Timothy Johnson, ‘the essence of Christianity.” Although Jesus is said to have given the Sermon 2,000 years ago, millions of people still aspire to follow its exhortations. 

I am a career and personal coach. From that perspective and at the risk of sacrilege, I believe that a number of the Sermon’s urgings are inimical to career and personal success and contentment, even if construed in the loftiest sense. To that end, in response to 10 statements in the Sermon on the Mount, I offer as my article today, given my far lowlier perch and status, a Sermonette on the Mound.

Because this is Psychology Today, I focus not on the sermon’s deistic aspects, only on its advice for living.

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