Thursday, June 21, 2018

The scoop on my new book, Careers for Dummies

I just saw, for the first time, my just-published book,
Careers for Dummies. Even thought it's my 11th book, it's a good feeling.

It's particularly aimed at people just starting out but as you'll see it's well-worth buying for any career-minded person, for example, those worried about losing their job, those trying to move up, or change careers.
  • pleasant-to-read but authoritative introductions to 340 careers, all the popular ones plus many that are under-the-radar, including low-risk/high-payoff self-employment ideas.
  • ahead-of-the-pack tactics for landing a job, a good job. This includes advice for people for whom networking hasn't worked, and smart ways to make your application rise to the top of the pack.
  • succeeding on the job, maybe even becoming beloved. Fresh ideas on office politics, procrastination, stress-management, managing people, public speaking without (too much) fear, even how to develop charisma.
While you may find it at your local bookstore, the surest (and discounted) way to get the book is on Amazon at THIS link.

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