Thursday, September 26, 2019

My Radio Program, Work with Marty Nemko is Being Cancelled

I am sad to report that the station manager is removing my career-advice NPR-San Francisco program Work with Marty Nemko. It is being replaced by one-off shows by the station's trainees. I have two shows left, one next Thurs and one tonight, with my wife Barbara Nemko: a debate: Is work-life balance always worth striving for?  Plus you can call in for a Workover: 415-841-4134, 7 PM 91.7 in San Francisco or


jcj said...

So sorry to hear that the program has been cancelled. It was a great program.
Just wondering if you get to keep the programs or if the content belongs to KALW.
There's enough information to fill a library.

Anonymous said...

This is so unfortunate. Marty's wisdom will be missed.

Anonymous said...

I am heartbroken. (A fan in Oklahoma.)

Krist said...

I very much hope the recordings of your shows will live on in a form accessible to the general public. Although I've been retired for 10+ years I still listen up because your advice is sound and practical and I always learn something - something I can use myself and/or pass on to younger folks.

Plus I very much appreciate your wit, candor, and objectivity.