Thursday, September 26, 2019

My Radio Program, Work with Marty Nemko is Being Cancelled

I am sad to report that the station manager is removing my career-advice NPR-San Francisco program Work with Marty Nemko. It is being replaced by one-off shows by the station's trainees. I have two shows left, one next Thurs and one tonight, with my wife Barbara Nemko: a debate: Is work-life balance always worth striving for?  Plus you can call in for a Workover: 415-841-4134, 7 PM 91.7 in San Francisco or


jcj said...

So sorry to hear that the program has been cancelled. It was a great program.
Just wondering if you get to keep the programs or if the content belongs to KALW.
There's enough information to fill a library.

Anonymous said...

This is so unfortunate. Marty's wisdom will be missed.

Anonymous said...

I am heartbroken. (A fan in Oklahoma.)

Krist said...

I very much hope the recordings of your shows will live on in a form accessible to the general public. Although I've been retired for 10+ years I still listen up because your advice is sound and practical and I always learn something - something I can use myself and/or pass on to younger folks.

Plus I very much appreciate your wit, candor, and objectivity.


1chistery said...

I had really hoped that this was not true. I used to love KALW’s Sunday programming, largely due to the depth and breadth of this show’s content. Marty always managed to get great guests for their respect areas of expertise; his wife Barbara was always a lively and brilliant co-host, and in any case, Marty could always hold his own alone. Those 30 years of experience weren’t for nothing. If the station wanted to regain their former quality of weekend programming, they should beg him back. There really isn’t another program close to Work with Marty Nemko. If you really want a clear picture of how our economy works for working class people, you used to be able to hear about it on this show instead of listening to talking heads raving about the robust wonderful stock market or ridiculous unemployment statistics.
I personally benefitted several times from guidance and tips on this show, and had referred countless struggling or discouraged friends and acquaintances to this show for career advice, job hunting strategies, and a refreshing perspective. In every case people could forget their difficulties and instead constructively find an approach to a solution. This wasn’t just entertaining brain candy, it was a public service to who knows how many thousands of people. Then again, it is increasingly obvious that this culture only has contempt for services that benefit the public. I can only admire the Nemkos for their commitment to their public. They showed everyone what it was to show up on time, 1000% prepared and enthusiastic. They gave this service and their time for free even though the program quality deserves top dollar. So the termination of this labor of love is everyone’s loss. Finally, thank you Marty and Barbara for the years of generosity, practicality, and wisdom.

Berkeley Bernie said...

Ugh. Sad to hear it. One of the few local programs of real and unique value. I listened fairly regularly when it was on Sunday mornings. Was just going to refer a friend to call in.