Friday, April 17, 2009

At Berkeley, Need White Males Apply?

This appears on the home page of the career center at the University of California, Berkeley.

Apparently males, let alone white males, need not apply.


Anonymous said...

I know Berkeley has a high percentage of minorities but do they also have a problem of under selecting males too?

Also, I don't find it surprising that peer career counselor's are dominated by females. Men my age view it as a more feminine job and don't apply for those type of positions. It was that way at my school at least.

Marty Nemko said...

Berkeley is majority female, I'm guessing 55/45 female.

Would Berkeley accept as valid that more white and Asian males are interested in the sciences and engineering so Berkeley needn't bother recruiting women and minorities? Hardly. They do massive recruiting of them and quietly using reverse discrimination to get more women and minorities. They, for example, do extra outreach efforts in minority-heavy zip codes to get more minorities.

Anonymous said...

I work at a very white rural college running a student staffed, student oriented service agency. We would love to have more men apply, but we have stacks of applications from young women (they're on my desk at the moment). Marty, you always seem to blame the administration (or whatever power structure is handy) but I think the truth is often that women go for these types opportunities. Double for ambitious minority peoples. Women and minorities are often working harder than their majority counterparts because so many paths have been denied them in the past. This is something you, Marty, seem to willfully overlook, instead preferring to blame some vaguely defined agency somewhere. When we do get men applying, they generally far fall below par. Did you ever see that TIME magazine article about colleges admitting under-qualified men over more qualified women to equalize the gender ratios? If white men, like myself, feel that they are the new subalterns, they need to take a hard, realistic look at the world, and then start working.

Marty Nemko said...

See my previous comment.

To assert that males work less hard without empirical basis is clear sexism. Imagine that I wrote that women, let alone minorities, work less hard? I'd be excoriated. Indeed, my career would be in jeopardy. Yet people in responsible positions, especially in education and the media, feel just fine about making ad hominem assaults on men, especially white men.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marty, okay, I'll concede that my comments about women working harder than men are a bit too sweeping (even though, in my personal experience this is more or less true [although there are, of course, many exceptions])but only if you too admit that your own deductions are equally one-sided and predicated upon a number of stereotypes about colleges, educators, administrators, etc. You too, my friend, tend to make sweeping generalizations and personalized attacks. By the way, are you sure you are using "ad hominem" correctly?

Marty Nemko said...

I do think it is utterly unfounded to claim that women work harder than men.

All generalizations have exceptions, but my statements about higher educators--that hiring/promotion criteria and expenditure patterns (e.g., teaching students in large lecture classes while spending lots on fancy administration and development operations is a reasonable one. Having been on the faculty of four universities and consultant to 15 college presidents and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, I believe my generalization is well-founded.

Re ad hominem, I believe I use it not in its literal meaning but its more frequently invoked colloquial meaning--criticism my name calling, labeling, and other, not-on-point responses to an argument.

robinson said...


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Anonymous said...

To the other anonymous:

LOL at women working harder than men! Sure there are exceptions to the rule, but exceptions never make the rule. Why are 90%+ of workplace fatalities consisting of the male gender? It must be because we don't "work as hard" as females. Who created the vast majority of inventions? Who built that house you live in? That skyscraper you work in? Oh that's right: MEN. Must be because we're so damn lazy, huh? OTOH, in my experience the laziest & most non-productive co-workers I've had were almost exclusively female (with the exception of one East German socialist male).

Maureen said...

"need not apply" implies that they won't be accepted if they apply. That's probably not the case. Aren't peer advisors volunteers? The photo just seems to illustrate who's more likely to volunteer for this type of job. I agree that if the makeup of the peer advising team doesn't represent the student body, efforts should be made to recruit those who aren't volunteering.


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