Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If You Think You're Too Old or Too Ugly

Never has a greater blow against lookism and ageism been struck than in this six-minute YouTube video. After the first minute's set-up, I cried the entire time.


Maureen said...

I didn't see what the big deal was. To me, she totally looked like she could have that voice. Great pipes but not surprising. Maybe you underestimate people.

Anonymous said...

If you like that, check this out:

Reportedly this is a recording of Susan Boyle singing "Cry Me A River" from a charity CD 10 years ago. To my ears, it's even better.

I've sung this song before. She puts my pitiful rendition to shame.

Anonymous said...

Here's another person that is impressing people:

It's a 7-year-old girl singing the national anthem just before an Orlando Magic playoff game.

The voice is impressive for any age. And it's coming from a child who was diagnosed as autistic at age 2 and unable to talk.


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