Friday, March 5, 2010

Fast-Prep Careers

Julie Sloway, who runs The Prime Time Speakers Bureau has a son who is seeking a rewarding career that requires neither a bachelor's degree nor many years of training. Here's what she's come up with. (To learn about the career, click on the link.)

Orthopedic Technician

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Prospect Researcher

Medical Meeting Planner

Personal Trainer


Prosthetics Technician

Sign-Language Interpreter

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Electro-Neurodiagnostic Technician

Physical Therapy Assistant

Anesthesia Technician

Electronic Technician

Veterinary Technologist

Speech Pathology Assistant


Accounting Assistant

Health Information Technician

Respiratory Therapist

Diesel Mechanic

Air Traffic controller

Civil Engineering Technician

MRI Technician

Bio-Medical Equipment Technician

Environmental Technologist

And if those aren't enough, here are descriptions of my favorite careers for 2010 and beyond.


lyne cuadra said...

Thank you for your advice this morning, Marty!!!

Barbara Frank said...

Interesting thing to consider, however, is that some of these jobs are already on many people's radar, thus training programs for them are overloaded.
For example, there's a 3.5 year waiting list for the diagnostic medical sonography program at our local tech college.

Anonymous said...

This is great and so true! I work at an awesome (ie. small and caring) vocational school in San Jose that offers career training in Medical Administrative and Transcription careers and we're still seeing all of our grads getting snatched up!

Megan Pittsley
Director of Career Services
TechSkills of San Jose


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