Friday, March 19, 2010

The Most-Time Effective Way to Create Change?

It seems to me that the most time-effective way to create change is to create a memorable slogan--what I call, bumper-sticker rhetoric. Examples:
  • Mend it; don't end it (welfare.)
  • Civil rights. (rather than, for example, taxpayer cash and human redistribution of resources based on race and gender.)
  • Go green. (rather than impose great costs for highly uncertain benefit.)
  • What would Jesus do?
  • Glenn Beck (and Joe Wilson and any outspoken conservative) is "a nut job" or "wing nut."
  • Got milk?
  • Perhaps most potent: Change. (That helped get Obama elected despite his being inexperienced and a hard leftist.)
With that as a model, I've created these:
  • What are you worth? Score every hour of the last day or week (or longer) from -100 (a drug dealer) to +100 (trying to cure cancer). What's your average score?
  • One-minute taxation. Enter your gross income and assets at Your total annual tax is deducted from your checking account. All other taxation (sales, tolls, state income, etc.) are eliminated.
  • There are four widows for every widower. Fund men's health.
  • Reverse discrimination means worse products and services for everyone.
  • Is it cost-effective to try to cool the planet? Demand debate.
  • K-16 on YouTube--so all students can always have America's best teachers.
For any of these, I'd welcome a more pithy version, a critique of its underlying proposal, or your suggestion of something you'd like to see on a million bumper stickers.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a bumper sticker that says "bumper stickers suck." Because they do. The cynical crowd might go for it.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and see cars like the ones on this post all the time, especially in Berkeley. The only thing I think is how ridiculous they look.

One of the bumper stickers on your post's picture says "Keep the green in Portland." Bumper stickers are wasteful. They're not green.

There's another bumper sticker: "Bumper stickers aren't green."

Of yours, try these:

-Tax in 60 seconds:
-Reverse reverse discrimination. (Black & white color scheme)
-Fund men's health for the men in your life.

I don't think "what are you worth?" will make sense on a bumper sticker.

One more from me, and it's probably been done already: "All I really need to know I learned from bumper stickers."

If you pursue this, good luck.

Anonymous said...

I think the FUND MEN'S HEALTH could be a cool campaign -- maybe also a way to raise consciousness about men's rights issues.

Because, who could, at least openly, be against funding men's health? I think a lot of men might also get on board who would be more reluctant to put a men's rights bumper sticker on their car.

Not only is this an important issue, but it's a good way to start a whole conversation. I'm not sure if I'd approach it from the "All the funding is for women's health issues and research" -- more, I'd start with pointing out how men don't live as long, and how there is too little focus on diseases and social problems that shorten men's lives.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a Demetri Martin joke: "Bumper stickers are like little signs that say 'hey! lets never hang out'"

As for Glenn Beck, he IS a nutjob. Not because he's an outspoken conservative (there are plenty of those like Thomas Sowell who are intelligent), but because of stuff like this:

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the cars with tons of bumper stickers. In my city there aren't very many of those so they really stand out. Although, they make the driver seem a little strident, they remind me that the first amendment is alive and well. When I see bumper sticker's that I disagree with it also reminds me that my point of view isn't the only one on the planet.

Anonymous said...

# There are four widows for every widower. Fund men's health.

I love it, my favorite one. just as is. (Even though I thought men's health was funded more so than women's. Old stats perhaps. As well, the reasons for 4:1 ratio may be other than health. Such as age differences in marriage and so on. I dunno.)

# Is it cost-effective to try to cool the planet? Demand debate.

Needed. Re this one, I think: people don't know diddly squat. Even people on the band wagon shouting knowingly; scientists included. I think ego plays a big role in the debate. A lot of people now use "green" as a marketing tool. (see, I'm debating already. Shows what I know!)

Some people die young. Some die smart. Jessie Helm died.
[pick a name]

If you come any closer I’ll fart.
(tail gaiters beware!… but they're lured to come closer to be able to read the darn thing.)

Got milk? [pic of pregnant woman one side of the sticker, and a baby bottle on the other… baby in the middle like which one to pick? Or leaning towards woman]

Save us all, Let them get married!
(Priests that is.)
[although, hmm, marriage won’t stop a pedophile.]

I’m neither young nor rich. In America I’ll ...
[fill in the blank for me; it's on the tip of my tongue.]

For every act of kindness you did today, honk.

(disclaimer: The views herein do not necessarily represent the views of the author.) Oh, another bumper sticker.

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to your KGO show right now, and you just mentioned how, after the swine flu scare has passed, and after the story this week of how they might have to throw away leftover vaccine, there are billboards reminding people to get vaccinated.

My bumper sticker: "Government: the cutting edge of obsolescence."


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