Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm Looking to Hire Someone to Get More People to Read My Stuff

People who read my articles, blog, and books say they're very helpful. I'd like more people to read them.

I should spend time marketing them but my workweek is already too long and I choose to spend it on counseling, writing, and my radio shows rather than on marketing. So I'd like to hire someone to get my articles well-placed, and to increase traffic to my site and blog.

I envision that person doing that via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and perhaps more important, by intelligently pitching key magazine, newspaper, TV, radio, and website editors and producers. The ideal candidate would already have strong relationships with them but more important is intelligence, drive, and an easy-to-work with personality.

The person would also have to be enthusiastic or at least comfortable with promoting not only my writings on career issues but my "males are treated unfairly" articles, my libertarian-leaning politics, my approaches to reinventing education K-20, and my New York Jewish personality.

I'm expecting to lose money on this but that's okay. I'm viewing this as a charitable effort. However, I'd not feel good about hiring someone who's charging big bucks, both because of the money and because that person and I probably wouldn't be very compatible personally.

Would you like to recommend someone? If so, have that person email me a letter of interest including a phone number. My email address is


Anonymous said...

You may also want to check out They are virtual assistants who you can either use under retainer or an as needed basis. Have used for my business before.

F.S. said...

Marty - tangentially related, I came across this today:

(I know you like to keep things on-topic, so no problem if you don't want to post this comment. But you should check the link!)

Jeffrie said...

Marty, I know you want to do as much good as possible, so the best thing to do is to NOT hire anybody to market you.

Why do I say this? Ask Time Magazine. According to them, rising unemployment is good news!


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