Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Men are More Valuable Than Women?!

As I've documented elsewhere on this blog, so many books and articles (not to mention jokes) argue that the world would be better without men.

This video makes the politically suicidal assertion that men are more valuable than women, much more valuable. And it makes it convincingly.

Yes, I wish it didn't start off with a woman's orgasm. Yes, I wish it acknowledged women's contributions, but I believe it's a must-watch, especially for beaten-down men and for boys in the process of being brainwashed by schools, media, and females that they are decidedly inferior.


Farm Girl said...

Not all grain is brought to you by men.

Jay Silverheels said...

Very one-sided. Most men do what they were trained to do.

The men who function well are usually the products of good mothers as well as fathers.

Anonymous said...

This is actually more accurate if we replace every occurence of "women" with "upper management" and every occurrence of "men" with "hourly employees."

I'm not sure how the fellow came to the conclusion that most women wind up being top dogs at the office, or that most of the top dogs are women, but it certainly hasn't been my experience.

In my experience, the cluelessness about where things really come from and how they're actually made is not a gender but a class issue. It's folks who are three generations of managers into their family's progression of life in the upper middle class - be they women or men - who have the least practical understanding of actual work.

ST said...

Yes, maybe it needs to be said somehow, but I didn't think it was a very good video to convey the message. There are both men and women in management roles in offices who don't know what "real work" is (what about the health care workers who slog around all day caring for old and sick people making a little above minimum wage? ... depending on level). The entire "corporate role" is sort of funny how anti-work it is. In my role, I fell I actually do work (it's I.T.-based), but also feel the way I am a little under-appreciated by the people in roles with more glitz and glamor.

However, if the world truly evolved with no men, I doubt if women would all be living in tents picking berries. They would have figured out how to do stuff pretty well in accommodating a world of comfort as the video portrays they enjoy now. The fact is, though, the world evolved with both men and women, so it's hard to say what it would be like either way.

Jeffrie said...

I remember seeing a blog post from a few years ago called, "Many Women Love Men. Very Few Like Them."

I liked the essay a lot, so much that I printed it out. Good thing, too, since the blog was removed not long afterwards. It was just one man's opinion, but I wondered how many men agreed with him.

I'm a woman who likes men. Throughout my life, they've generally been better friends to me then other women.

So when I hear things like this, I find it hard to understand sometimes. Not that men have done so much, but why women (and sometimes other men, it seems) would hate them as a group, with seemingly no logical reason. I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

jeffrie, although I don't understand your last sentence which seems to suggest that women in the video hate men or perhaps that male commenters here hate men, know that nothing on the internet ever actually dies.

Especially articles - I think I just found the essay you mentioned. You can let us know if this is the right one?


Jeffrie said...

What I meant by my last sentence is that is seems increasingly acceptable for women to be prejudiced against men, and I don't know why.

And yes, that's the essay! Thank you for finding it.


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