Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Example of Illegals Unfairly Benefiting at the Expense of Legal Residents

The ACLU proudly announced today that, thanks to the their efforts, California Supreme Court has ruled that illegals are eligible for in-state tuition at California public (taxpayer-funded) universities.

Great. So now, illegals admitted to Berkeley pay less than those who are legal residents of Arizona. And, of course, with universities' reverse discrimination admissions policies (the so-called "comprehensive admission criteria,") on average, those illegals get in with lower test scores and lower grades, resulting in many more qualified legal applicants being rejected. And illegal students, again at taxpayer expense, use far more than average amount of student services, creating shortages of advising, counseling, tutoring, etc., for legal residents. Despite all that, illegals' graduation rate is far lower than for legal residents--meaning that the taxpayers' investment in them did not pay off in their being professionals, let alone better professionals than if legal residents were admitted. Is this justice?

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