Friday, November 5, 2010

A Demonstration of Twitter's Power

One reason I'm blogging less is that I'm tweeting more. I'm finding that for many ideas, Twitter's 140-character limit results in my offering more help per my minute of my work and per minute of the reader's time.

Here are my 90 tweets. It should take you about 10 minutes to read them all. I believe you'll find that a rewarding use of ten minutes. Let me know if you agree.

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Solve doc/dentist/nurse shortage while improving quality: Replace long, abstract-science-based training with a short practical program.

The right health care reform: consumers have the most skin in the game, their choices abetted by excellent, accessible consumer info.

First it was storefront, then truck, now cart. Next? Backpack. e.g., In high-foot-traffic area, wear cute cap w. dozens in your pack.

Looking for a college? A commnty coll honors pgrm may be THE wisest choice--even if you're rich and kid is Ivy-level.

Career coaches & counselors must often go beyond career: Help clients craft a life: esp. relationships, avocations & developing perspective.

Worried? Feeling sorry for yourself? Fill your time helping others and otherwise being productive.

In selecting an employee, these things count far more than experience and knowledge: intelligence, drive, ethics, kindness, and being low-maintenance.

The Repub. win reflects not just anger at big govt but voters resisting the media's efforts to manipulate them into voting Dem.

Do not begin a note with, "My name is XXX." That makes a terrible first impression because it's redundant with your signature line.

Meg Whitman would have won if instead of spending her $140M on ads etc., she donated it to charity. She'd have won while being a hero.

There's no good answer to how to increase US jobs when avg US income is 50K + generous benes & protections while the worldwide average is 1K.

Tip for establishing eye contact: What's his eye color? Does her eye area look kind or mean--eyes are a window to one's soul.

Many colleges market themselves as unscrupulously as a sleazy business might:

Odd coincidence that the Giants representing the U.S's most liberal city beat George Bush's Texas Rangers on election eve. An omen? ;-)

Are you cut out for self-empl? 1. Would you sell and sell well? 2. Are you a self-starter? 3. Have the knack of buying low, selling high?

When setting a phone interview, have the person call you--that makes him feel he/s pursuing you. You'll more likely get what you want.

Want to be a better speaker? I used to tout Toastmasters but I'm now more impressed with Speaking Circles:

Love is feeling good when you're just sitting next to a loved one. My doggie, Einstein, is sleeping next to me at my desk now. I feel love.

Before prepping for a job interview, put yourself in that employer's shoes, "Would you hire you for that job?"

When it's out of your control, let it go. Let the river run, my friend.

Try pitching yourself to a RELATED field: For example, higher ed. reporters quote me because I'm a career counselor not another professor.

I've been watching many candidates on C-Span and I'm finding, in general, the Republicans vaguer and less direct.

How to get promoted even in this market? "Think two steps ahead of your boss and give her what she needs." Maya Mavjee, prez, Crown Publ.

Sign of the times: I've heard this so often: "I'm thankful to have any job." Scary.

It seems EVERY field is hypercompetitive. Ex: A guy wanted to make promo videos for realtors. Alas, many already do it well and cheaply.

Good Google-searching can make you more expert about your situation than are most experts.

Obama's racial policies are getting ever crazier and more unfair to Asians and whites:

Be kind where possible, tough where necessary. It all comes down to that.

Would we have better political leaders if they were selected by a panel of 20 for-profit, non-profit & govt leaders plus random citizens?

Bringing a drug to market costs average $1.2 billion--FDA requires 3 truckloads of docs collected over 12 years.

Most older people don't mind a young boss. They mind a young boss who's inferior and thinks s/he's superior.

I've noticed that drivers of status cars (e.g., BMW, Jag, MB) are more likely to be mean to other drivers--e.g., won't let them into lane.

Language matters. That's why, for example, Dems changed "liberal" to "progressive." The liberal media picked it right up.

To uncover what's wrong with an organization, ask employees; "What's bothering you?" It can also be a good Q to ask of anyone.

Career counselors act as if IQ & its proxies SAT/GRE, etc don't matter. They think "Just merge skills, interests, values." Wrong.

Voting is the ultimate crowd-sourcing but it is near-impossible to be a fairly informed, not brainwashed voter.The media is so liberal-biased..

Glut of degree holders. Now, 17M w. B.A. are janitors, car parkers, waiters. 5,000 janitors with PhD. .

Why should anyone be paid more than anyone else? Their success is largely preordained by their genetics, parenting, and birthplace.

I've been working with some constrained people. Encouraging them to sing unconstrained is making them live less constrained.

Better than franchising: Talk to non-local bizes top-rated on Yelp, etc. Merge their best ideas. Use the best as your consultant.

Don't let ego or embarrassment keep you from asking your network for help landing a job (or anything else) These are tough times.

Key: Publicly funded campgns w. only a debate, simulation (run a meeting on key issue,) & a doc w record & platform.

You can't be honest re race/ethn. e.g., NPR's Juan Williams got fired for saying he feels nervous on seeing full-garb Muslim get on plane.

Would we elect better leaders if we banned political TV and radio commercials?

Classes have bad ROI. Screaming need for online ed filled w must-have content, immersively, interactively guided by transformational tchs.

New use of offshoring: Even many large accounting firms outsource U.S. tax return preparation to India--at 80% savings.

My goal when writing how-to: Maximum fresh, valuable ideas per minute of the reader's time.

Mortgage paperwork "scandal?" No/minimal wrong foreclosures yet Obama + 49 AGs investigating--poor use of taxpayer $. It's all politics.

Teach for America tch: "I'm tired of dealing w soiled pants, burning garbage cans, and yard fights. Their problems are too big for me."

Interesting how the term "hoodlum" changed to "disadvantaged" and now "underresourced." It mirrors our externalizing responsibility.

Think twice before saying no. Is there any way you could twist it around so you could say yes?

When employed, it's worth building a network. When unemp, It takes too long to turn strangers into source of good job.

Good way to identify your ideal target job: list your job non-negotiables and your "nice-to-haves."

Phillip Roth: "It's hard to give up what you've been doing for 55 yrs...I'm kind of a maniac. How could a maniac give up what he does?"

I have many physician clients. That has led me to believe, alas, that many docs prioritize making money over quality of care.

Do you find that Google search results on sociopolitical topics are biased toward liberal perspectives? I do.

League of Women Voters used to be a neutral. Now, I got calls from them advocating CA props. and they funded a biased voter "info" site.

Job seekers: Don't overdress for interviews. It makes you look like you're selling, and no one wants to be sold. Ask what's appropriate., which aggregates job listing from individual employers' sites, now includes federal job openings from 341 divisions!

Cold contact is not working.

DC schools spend 30K per kid, #1 in world + SuperSupt Rhee yet st. ach. is worst. Tch unions are everywhere, so that's not it. What IS it?

Write one charming note per week: to a friend, coworker, client, employer. Even if it yields nothing, it contributes to a kinder society.

Today, the norm is to not respond to queries. A polite, quick, no is so much more humane.

An anesthesiologist told me he started using drugs to cope with a romantic breakup. Sometimes I wonder whether relationships are worth it.

I don't know if it's just the Bay Area but here, many people take offense so easily. The culture of offense-taking offends me. ;-)

Twitter's turning out to be a way to archive my ideas. And I use my week's tweets on my radio shows.

If the govt provided NO safety net, would the private sector step up and provide a better one or worse one? I dunno.

When I was young, I was sure that giving good advice, even if unwanted, was wise. I'm not so sure anymore.

They say "Outsource your low-level work" but I clean my house. That offers exercise, tangible accomplishment, break from the intellectual.

When you wake each morning, you have a choice of mindsets: gird for battle or enjoy each moment. Which you choose makes all the difference

Good counselor Qs: Your best hope? What diff. would that make? What's already helping? What would be the next sign of progress?

The best artists are self-taught. Teachers make you mechanistic and/or follow the teacher's preferences--all disempowering.

Esp. when applying for a high-level job, writing a thank-you can make you seem obsequious. Perhaps don't.

Cool avocation for sports nuts: Announcer for kids' sports league. How fun for a kid to hear his/her name over loudspeaker.

How to be a good salesperson: Listen more than talk. When you explain the product, pretend you're talking to a 6th grader.

Hire teachers who are NOT a natural:

My blueprint for a breakthrough, reinvented general education curriculum. Feedback welcome.

HOW you receive a businesscard can make all the difference: #businesscardetiquette

Cool career: book packager: come up with title, angle, structure (table of contents,) look and feel, marketing.

Biz idea: organic perfume.

Choosing a career is like choosing a college. It matters far more whether you make the most of it than which one you choose.

Unlike say MD, most careers don't have obvious labels. To find em: search using skills you want to use.

Mainstream media can only thrive if providing rich multimedia content. Otherwise, bloggers, tweeters, etc will trump.

Obama technique: He holds his chin up. It appears authoritative.

Obama's fatal flaw: insistence that major taxpayer $$$ to have govt rejigger, regulate, and prohibit, will be a net good

A fad: "Making a Difference." See my blog post:

Keys to landingajob today: walk in,, write a White Paper, start a low-risk biz (e.g., an gourmet sandwich/salad cart, then clone it)

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Anonymous said...

Marty, with all due respect, I really don't find your twitter entries very useful. I am a fan of your blog because I can read the details of your reasoning and understand more thoroughly your thought process and approach. I just feel that twitter was meant more for giving quick simple or impactful updates such as "I'm downtown SF after the World Series and there's a riot!" But you're trying to tackle very complex subjects that don't seem amenable for a twitter format. Just my humble thoughts.

Thanks for your blog.

Marty Nemko said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for the candid response. If I get more of that sort of feedback, I'll reconsider.


wrallen99 said...

Thanks for posting your Twitter comments. I like the one about getting business ideas from non-local yelp. Please keep with the blog, though. I'm probably not the only person that has quit using Twitter because it takes up too much time.