Saturday, April 30, 2011

Newsweek: Middle-Class White Men are "Toast"

It is politically incorrect but true that the middle-class white male has provided us with a disproportionately large share of what enables us all to live well. From the sewer repairman to the corporate executive, they've stayed in school through those tough plumbing apprenticeships, engineering, computer science, and finance degrees, and worked the long hours needed to design and build our homes, cure our diseases, and yes, run the businesses we invest our 401Ks in so we have some money for retirement.

Yet the current Newsweek cover story package describes the middle-class white male's freefall with near glee. Rather than calling for redress as the media does when reporting women's or minority deficits, Newsweek reports the statistics on men's evisceration with a snarky shrug. It's titled: "Sorry. He's Toast" and dubbing the tossed-aside men, "BMWs: Beached White Males." The long article in the package is called "Dead Suit Walking."

I've been a career counselor for 26 years. When I began, my clients of both sexes were equally optimistic about their future. Now, girls and women continue to feel the world is their oyster but the boys and men, from the teenagers to the boomers, are ever more scared, angry, and/or depresssed. My middle-class white males are having such a hard time finding even a lower-paying job.

So sad. How can we do this to America's unsung heroes?


Anonymous said...

After reading this, I have seriously considered converting to Islam, as it is one of the few cultures where men are not disrespected on a regular basis.

ST said...

The Newsweek article seems largely anecdotal. A C-level person is sort of like buying a house you couldn't afford during the housing bubble.

Our company laid off hundreds of workers during the recession (this is also anecdotal, of course), and not one grey-haired man (or woman) in their 40's/50's. The layoffs were mostly fringe workers who either didn't get along well with others, were difficult to work with, had performance issues, their skills just weren't up to snuff, or there was some other off-reason (like working part time).

I'm sure, of course, it depends on the industry where all these grey'd unemployed are coming from (real estate, wall street, housing manufacturing were hard hit). And most of the Mancession, I thought, was blue collar.

Marty Nemko said...


To add to the anecdotal evidence, in my career counseling practice, I've absolutely seen that, on average, it takes far longer for white males to land a job than just a few years ago, and my female and minority clients are having an easier time of it. Also, disproportionately, when they finally get a job offer, they, more often than my female or minority clients, are asked to take a pay cut. But yes, this is only anecdotal evidence.

Anonymous said...

Newsweek is right. Middle class Whites are "toast" living under the current global Talmudic system.

But what if the White middle Classes started living by their own material(science)/spiritual(religion) rule-sets?

They won't be acting any different than anybody else.

The real "minorities" in the global system is the White middle and working classes. The global Talmudic system requires the white middle and working middle classes to accept forced integration with the "developing world." It requires them to give up communities, institutions, educational opportunities, and control of their narrative for the interest of Talmudic inspired spiritually chimerical global order. No people should have to accept this fate.

So it's good that stories get written about this subject. Of course Newsweek doesn't write stories like this to inform White people. They write these stories as a celebration. This is a sign of "progress" in the anti-White system.

I have a feeling however that they're not as sure of this demise as they claim?

Dissident said...

Welcome to the Global plantation.

It's sad to see that we've been reduced to lab-rats in this experiment. It's sad to see the most productive, hardest working people anywhere being tossed aside for some social experiment.

This doesn't portend well for the future of civlization, does it?

As a white male, I've become ever more resentful towards other races, not because of their race mind you, but because they seem to gloat over these statistics-am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

As the mother of three grown sons, I can attest to the discrimination faced by white males. My sons earned excellent grades in High School and participated in extracurricular, community, and church activities. When apppointments to military adademies were handed out, they were given to minority students who had lower grades and less participation.

When my sons went to college, the halls of the Financial Aid Department were papered with offers for women and minorities, and those scholarships often went begging. My sons paid their own way.

When my sons graduated (all three earned Engineering Degrees), Aviation Engineer and pilot found hourly work as a motel manager; the Mechanical Engineer found (grueling) work in a power plant, and the Electrical Engineer went on to law school, in part because he could not find a good paying job.

In contrast, the women and minorities, many of whom had lower GPA's, had jobs lined up before graduation.

During the Civil Rights Movement, whites marched shoulder to shoulder with blacks in order to bring about justice for Blacks. During the Women's Movement, White Males marched shoulder to shoulder with women, in order to help bring about justice for women.

It's payback time. When are women and minorities going to stand up for White Males who, in giving them a leg up, have found themselves left far behind?

Anonymous said...

Greco-Roman civilization is beginning to enslave its founders. It's time for an update. White men are discriminated against at a rate and variety that no other group is. This is a radical departure from recent history but findings like these are becoming more and more in line with anecdote. White men, stand up.


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