Thursday, May 19, 2011

What Colleges and Graduate Schools Don't Want You to Know

A couple of days ago, on an impulse, I simply turned on my webcam and started sharing with you what I think you should know about college and graduate school that the universities don't want you to know.

On viewing it, I liked its candor but didn't like its being disorganized. So today, I recorded a more organized but less spontaneous version.

I apologize for rushing --I was noticing that I'd have a hard time getting it finished within YouTube's 15-minute limit. In fact, despite my rushing, my very last word did get cut off.

If you prefer to read the text, HERE it is. Actually, I recommend that--it's faster and I'm not good looking enough for you to want to watch me for 15 minutes--and the text includes that last word. ;-)

One more apology. One viewer said it's conceited of me to mention my credentials. I did so only because, if the video is posted elsewhere, viewers should have a basis for assessing the speaker's credibility.

In any event, if you prefer to watch the video than read the text, here's the video:


Anonymous said...

What colleges could you recommend, or which ones top your list? And I see that might depend on what you want to study, but I'm curious anyway.

Marty Nemko said...

It depends not just on what you want to study but many other factors: what level of students you'd do best with, geography, weather, political climate, campus culture, etc. That said, all things equal, some of the smartest choices are to spend the 1st two years at a good community college. And if you're middle-class, an in-state flagship university. If you can get into its honors program that's often a patch of Ivy at State U.


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