Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Which of these book titles do you like best?

I'd appreciate your posting a comment in answer to this question:

Which of these titles would make you most likely to want to read the book?

This list will keep getting updated until a title has been selected.

Update: I've now settled on a title. It's the first one listed below. Now to get a good publisher. If not, I will self-publish using Amazon's CreateSpace.

Indeed, after settling on it, I proposed it to the Washington Post as the title of my forthcoming series. They gave me the thumbs-up.

"What's the Big Idea?"
30 reinventions for a better America

of 30 of society's pillars

30 ideas for a better America

"You're Not Realistic, Dr. Nemko!"

30 ambitious ideas for a better America

Or if you'd like to suggest something else, I'd welcome knowing that too.

If you'd like to see a draft of this 70-page book, click HERE.

If you prefer to see a fully formatted version of the book with its illustrations and graphics, email me at and I'll email it to you.

In any event, thank you for considering giving me your opinion.


Anonymous said...

Elevating America
30 Fresh Ideas to Make America Soar Again

Anonymous said...

How about Re-imagining America?
(ideas that take on our most resistant problems)

N said...

"Elevating America" is nice, but "Uncommon Sense" has that eye-catching feel to it. Makes you want to pick it up at the book store.

Tom Becker said...

Upgrading America
Upgrading the U.S

Upgrading is thought provoking. Discard "fresh." I can just see someone misinterpreting that as subject matter relating to food.

Dave said...

'America's Decline and What We Can Do About It'

'How to Stop the Decline and Fall of America'

Dave said...

Unlike multipolar systems (19th century) and bipolar world systems (US-Soviet balance of power '45-'89), unipolar systems are less stable and very difficult to manage and maintain; hence their short life-spans. Great and medium powers will always challenge the lone superpower, either alone or in tandem/concert with other medium powers. This is why the bipolar system is so stable. In the 20th century bipolar conflict, the US-Soviet conflict took center stage in the international arena. The political, economic, and strategic interests of all the nations of the world were super-imposed by the superpower conflict -- the US-Soviet geo-political rivalry. Every small and medium power's political, economic, and strategic imperatives (behavior) had been influenced and suppressed in some way by the superpowers and their geo-strategic imperatives. The collapse of the bipolar system allows other major powers more wiggle room to fill regional power vacuums and work together to challenge the status quo.

With that said, I believe the key objective for the United States should be to position itself as FIRST AMONG EQUALS, not to maintain its superpower status. Unipolar world orders are, by their own nature, ephemeral. We will have to give up our role as the guarantor for global security and as the main force driving the international political economy. The United States no longer has the resources or the broad international consent to lead.

Anonymous said...

Uncommon Sense: 30 ideas to elevate America

Derek Blais said...

I like both of Dave's suggestions, especially America's Decline and What We Can Do About It. But 30 Ideas for a Better America is good, too.

I would not use Uncommon Sense, nor Elevating.

Anonymous said...

I like 30 Ideas for a Better America. I'm relieved you chucked the "Change you can believe it" title...that nearly made me hurl. ;) (Sorry, gut reaction, reminded me too much of Obama.)

Marty Nemko said...

The version of the "Change You Can Believe In" that's more appealing to me is:

"Change You Can (Really) Believe In"

But that would turn off all the Democrats.

Peter said...

Uncommon Sense: 30 ideas to elevate America

Anonymous posted this. I like it.

Peter C

Anonymous said...

America 3.0

Jeff Jones said...

America Re-Invented: 30 Ideas For A Better Nation

is my choice! Good luck, Marty. This book idea sounds great.

Frustrated Fed said...

Common Sense: 2012 Edition

Cyndi said...

Elevating American: Change You Can Believe In

This title instills hope. I am pretty cynical but that would make me want to read the book. Of course, if you want change, our leaders and their financial backers need to read the book, and in general, we need to become a less selfish people and get back to honor, integrity and prioritizing the greater good. ~Cyndi

Marty Nemko said...

Dear Cyndi,

I so much agree with your statement that we need to become a less selfish people and get back to honor, integrity, and prioritizing the greater good.

I used to think that, a la Ayn Rand, the greater good would come from everyone pursuing profit. I no longer do.

Anonymous said...

Uncommon Sense: 30 ideas to reinvent America

Anonymous said...

Common Sense, 2012 edition
A new pamphlet to reinvigorate America

Anonymous said...


By far:
"You're Not Realistic, Dr. Nemko!"
30 ambitious ideas for a better America

would be the most evocative title. It is somewhat ambiguous and begs the reader to dig further. THAT would prompt more people to look further than any of the others.

America .20 isn't bad either. But it is already becoming somewhat trite.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

30 Ambitious Ideas: Creating a Better America

Maureen Nelson said...

Of the ones you posted, I liked "America 2.0" because it's short and punchy and the "improvement" angle is built in by connotation. How about "America 2.0: 30 Ideas to Reboot the Greatest Nation"?

Of the ones your readers posted, I liked "30 Fresh Ideas to Make America Soar Again" as the subtitle, but I don't like "Elevating America." BTW, "Elevate America" was that Microsoft effort to get everyone to basic computer literacy. I heard it didn't work too well. I don't like "Change You Can Believe In," but I think it could make its way into a blurb for jacket copy.

How about "Fixing America: 30 Fresh Ideas to Overhaul the World's Greatest Nation"?

Couldn't you just see "Fixing America" in italics in a book review? I could.

Anonymous said...

America 2.0

Jeff S. said...

America 2.0

John Flood said...

Hi Mr. Nemko,

I like Elevate America. But, elevate doesn't quite hit the mark.

"Re-Invent America - A Ten Point Plan."

Forget the 2.0 stuff. That's been used over and over in too many contexts.

Maureen Nelson said...

John Flood has a good idea. I like "Reinventing America: A 10-Point Plan." Can you categorize the 30 into 10?

Marty Nemko said...

"Reinventing America" would overstate what the book does nor could do. The last thing the world needs is more hype.

Anonymous said...

You're not realistic, Dr. Nemko. Mostly because, well, most people think those who want to do good are "hippies" or unrealistic. For those of us who have been hardened by life, but still wish for better, this makes them stop for a minute.

Marlo said...

"Reinventions: A guide to a better America".

The only title I would rule out is the one containing the words "common sense", because the phrase has been hijacked by anti-intellectual conservatives.

Marty Nemko said...

Marlo, I agree with you. Thank you.


Greg said...

Reinventions: 30 Ideas for a better America. I'd take out the word "big"

Marty Nemko said...

I agree, Greg. We live in a world of too much hype. No need for me to contribute to that.