Saturday, September 17, 2011

Landing a Job: What if Networking Doesn't Work?

Alas, landing a job is more of a pain than ever. Sure, it's easier today to find on-target ads with sites like,, etc.

That very ease, however, means that good job openings attract hordes of applicants. But even I couldn't believe it when I heard that when the Tacoma Water District advertised a $17.76-per-hour meter reader job, 1,600 people applied.

Tough times require tough job-search strategies. I provide a collection of them HERE.


Anonymous said...

Dear Marty,
Could you spare any advice in my case?

I did land a dream job.
But I made a silly mistake - accepted without negotiating.

The pay / benefits were very reasonable and slightly better than my current job. But the company and the job itself are great.

I was too happy with the offer to think rationally and probably lost an opportunity to bump up my pay by at least 10%.
Now I am having acceptance remorse.

How do I deal with the second thoughts? (It is poisoning my victory).

Will the quick acceptance harm my reputation in the eyes of the new employer?

What should I do to catch up with the lost opportunity?

Thank you,
Truly yours,

Marty Nemko said...

You might, in a conciliatory way, say the truth: that you were so pleased to get the offer that you don't stop to discuss terms, and ask if it's too late. If it is, ask if you could have a salary review in 90 days.

Anonymous said...

I have an interview on Wednesday. I'm going to bring some writing samples, letters of recommendation, a list of what I want to accomplish while I'm there, and a copy of my resume and cover letter.


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