Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reinventing Federal Taxation

HERE is the link to my latest Washington Post "What's the Big Idea" column. It proposes replacing the federal income tax with a progressive national sales tax. It would likely end up being only around 10% because I would legalize and tax prostitution and would tax internet sales--it's unfair that local retailers must charge tax while corporations like Amazon needn't.

On this blog, I mentioned that the Post had only committed to my writing five columns, but now, they've extended it to being an ongoing column. My next one will advocate requiring all colleges to post an externally audited, substantive report card on themselves, including student growth, graduation rates, employment of graduates by major, etc. That would both help students pick a college wisely and embarrass colleges into reallocating resources from fancy new buildings and fancy-salaried administrators to better teaching, mentoring, and career services.

The column after that, unless something more news-pegged emerges, will be on reinventing our system of criminal justice.


euquant said...

Hi Marty,

Been a fan lurking in the dark enjoying your inspiring insight for more than a year, maybe several years by now. Congratulations on the new column with the Post.

Glad to see that a "crazy crank" with a big heart (and mind) and some radical ideas is getting some good exposure. While much of what you propose is neither completely unique nor original, you package it well.

I'm sure you are as aware as anyone that good ideas have a hard time in the political arena.

Good pitchmen are essential!

What's the next step? Bend the ears of somebody in the right position to translate your ideas into something dirty but real and draft some legislation or create some programs?

Marty Nemko said...

I'm more of a thinker, writer, and speaker, than politician or implementer. So the best use of my time is to present ideas and leave the politicking and implementation to others.


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