Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Gentler Approach to Job Intervewing

The previous post offered solid advice on how to convert an interview into a job offer but it requires a quite assertive and competent person. The following approach offered by Becky Washington, career services coordinator at Portland Community College, may be less intimidating yet still often effective. She writes:
"You gotta sell yourself!!" That's usually core to most career advice, but if you're not a salesy type, that advice may simply make you want to curl up in a ball.

Here’s my alternative: teach and learn. In a job interview, your mission is to teach them about yourself so they can see how you fit with the job and the organization. And use the interview to learn. Learn about the company and the job--you'll be able to ask intelligent questions when the interviewer says “Do you have any questions for us?”

Some of my favorites are: “What is the best part of the job" “What is the worst part of the job?” and “What makes someone successful in this job?”

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