Monday, February 20, 2012

Real Hope for the Long-Term Unemployed?

My editor at The Atlantic issued me a challenge: "For your column this week, can you propose something that would offer real hope to the long-term unemployed?"

HERE is what I wrote.


Leonard Crane said...

Wow, Dr. Nemko, getting published (and, presumably, paid) by The Atlantic is a success in itself. Congrats.

Good advice of yours, too. But then I've been reading your prose for years so that fact is less surprising! What with 23 million Americans unemployed according to recent government statistics, and heaven knows how many others underemployed, this counsel is a tonic.

Anonymous said...

Did you watch 60 Minutes last night? They did a piece about a program for the long-term unemployed called Platform to Employment. See:

Do you think having something like this online would be beneficial?

Marty Nemko said...

Thanks, Leonard. Yes, I'm privileged to have a weekly column as well as a separate column called The Big Idea, where each time, I propose a disruptive idea for solving a major societal problem.

Marty Nemko said...

Absolutely, Anonymous. ANY subject could, across the nation, be better taught if it was taught by a dream-team of instructors: high school, college, job retraining, (ahem) virtually anything.

Anonymous said... is a move toward providing engineering courses online for free taught by first-rate professors. They even provide "office hours".


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